Groundbreaking Methods of Meditation

(Changing Your Life By Rewiring Your Brain)

Classes are Tuesday from 6:30 - 8:30 pm

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​It is not just meditation…it is neuroscience, epigenetic and quantum physics. Sound scary? It is easy and fun. Don’t worry, it is all about ordinary people like you and me doing extraordinary things to transform our lives.


95% of who we are by the time we are 35 years old is a set of automatic behaviors, unconscious habits, conditioned emotional reactions and hardwired attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that function just like a computer program in which you have done something so many times that the body has been conditioned to be the mind.  Change requires unlearning then relearning, deprogramming and reprogramming.


You will learn how to get beyond the analytical mind and reprogram your hard drive, by rewiring your brain and reconditioning your body to make lasting changes. You’ll have the opportunity to delete that old software that no longer serves you….like gene expression for a medical condition.

First, we’ll have a lesson on the science behind the functions of our brain; knowing what you are doing and why makes it easier to do. Knowledge is the precursor to experience. By learning something new you’ll create new synaptic connections in your brain and by practicing what you’ve learned, you will more strongly wire those new connections. The last part of the class will include practicing some of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations and putting these principles into action.


Call to register for this introductory class:

Jackie (864) 933-3714


Cost:  Suggested donation of $10 appreciated


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Recommended Books By

New York Times bestselling author

Dr. Joe Dispenza

  • You Are Supernatural

  • You Are The Placebo

  • Break The Habit Of Being Yourself

  • Evolve Your Brain



About Jackie Dolby 

Anderson, SC resident, previously from Western NY.  Early in life, Jackie was exposed to alternative healing modalities and energy work, like herbology and water dowsing. Her background includes the study of yoga and developed a “De-Stress Yoga” yoga program.   She studied with a Naturopath in Canada and took classes from the National Center for Homeopathy to learn Homeopathy and Radionics.  She has also worked with Circulation Nation,  Body Electronics, Reflexology, Iridology, Polarity Therapy, Reiki and the Emotion Code.  Of all these disciplines, and after completing a 9 week course, I feel Dr Joe Dispenza’s program with accompanying meditations, is the most powerful in effecting change, and fully documented by medical science.  Jackie is an ordained minister in The Universal Life Church

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